What We Do

D&D Machine Works can make your concept a reality.


Our products are subjected to strict quality control procedures, from raw material selection and verification to final assembly and testing. A Zeiss CMM measuring center is utilized for measuring machined parts. Our quality control practices have been carefully conceived to assure competitive pricing and maximum performance.


Our experienced personnel are actively involved in technical and factory training to ensure the latest in technologies. All employees contribute to the company safety program which ensures a safe and healthy work environment highlighted by our COR certification.


D & D Machine uses the latest in CAD/CAM software to bring our customers requirements to reality. Engineering services are also available through D & D Machine Works contacts.


Our custom fabrication service capabilities are virtually unlimited. Beyond the full range of fabrication services available, which include machining, fitting, and welding (SMAW, GMAW, and SAW techniques to CWB [47.11 standards), we offer full access to support services, such as laser cutting, heat-treating, anodizing, and plating of all kinds.

The C.N.C. production process begins with either raw materials or manufactured items such as castings.

We maintain a large inventory of raw materials so that custom orders can be filled quickly. Various grades of steels, up to 10-inch diameter bar and 4-inch steel plate, are kept on hand, as are stocks of IHCP, M.H.T., DOM tubing, aluminum, ductile iron, stainless steel, angle irons, pipes, and flat iron. Following the design and programming stages, the operator selects the required items from the tool crib, and the job begins.

Our modern C.N.C. equipment includes turning centers ranging from 8-inch chucks with 15-hp spindles to 20-inch chucks with 50-hp spindles. Our 50-hp, 5-axis turning center with live tooling greatly reduces cycle and handling time on many types of machine parts. Milling is done on 4-axis vertical machining centers ranging from 20 x 40 x 20 to 40 x 60 x 37inch capacity equipped with shuttle pallet changers, which ensure maximum chip removal.

Our method is to incorporate advanced technology in cutting tools and tool holders as well as properly designed work-holding fixtures, most of which are designed and built in-house. Programming can be done either on or off line. All programs are stored off line on a host computer and transferred via a D.N.C. link. All programs and MOs are verified by the programmer and a quality control team to ensure accuracy prior to and following completion of each order. The end result of these practices is maximum performance and competitive pricing to the end user.

The process concludes with a final quality assurance check.

All D&D products are subjected to strict quality control procedures, which govern every aspect of every operation, from raw material selection and verification to final assembly and test. Our quality control practices have been carefully conceived to assure competitive pricing and maximum performance for all D&D products.

We have custom designed and built thousands of single-stage and multistage hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders over the past 20 years.

These products, which range from 1-1/2-inch bore to 20-inch bore, are used in both light duty and heavy duty operations. Some heavy duty applications include compacting hay, lifting truck boxes, and raising oil derricks. All cylinders are cycled, pressure-tested, and assigned serial numbers for parts availability.

Our original mandate was to provide high quality machine shop and millwright services, and we continue to honor that original commitment even though we have greatly expanded our scope of operations.

This part of the business focuses on repair and/or replacement of machinery or components to O.E.M. specifications. Customers in mining, telecommunications, agriculture, food processing, earth moving, transportation, oil and gas, public works, health care, and primary manufacturing have been a core part of our customer base for more than 25 years. When required, we work closely with customers’ R&D teams to design and prove new or existing products. The ability to perform these services resides in the talents and highly developed skills of our employees, our most important asset.

We regularly perform operations such as gear and spline cutting, internal broaching, internal spline cutting, tool and die repair and manufacture. Machining of patterns and core boxes for foundries, driveline supply and balancing, complete repair to all types of hydraulic cylinders, portable line boring, and welding.

Our manual equipment includes engine lathes with swings to 52 inches and centers to 13 feet; horizontal and vertical mills; 18 x 36-inch surface grinders; internal honing machines capable of servicing cylinders with diameters to 20 inches and lengths to 18 feet; both radial and multiple spindle drills; and automatic saws with capacities to 14inch diameter. In addition, we have a 200-ton hydraulic press and a 60-ton stamp press.